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What is Your Biological Age?

Helping Individuals Stay Young: For a Long Time…

The focus in our practice is on helping you to reverse your Biological Age:

Chronological vs. Biological Age

Chronological age is your age in years
Biological age, also called physiological or internal age, is a measure of how well or poorly your body is functioning relative to your actual calendar age.
This impacts positively on your Healthspan: the duration of time through your life during which you stay healthy.

We identify what your key health issues are and then put together a plan to resolve
these issues and help you to achieve a more optimal state of health.

We tap into your body’s innate wisdom of how to heal itself by initially focusing on the basics like diet and gut health: All (Dis)ease is simply the body being out of balance and we help it to get back into balance.

Every individual is biochemically and metabolically unique and because of this we will develop a personalized diet and program unique to you which is designed to optimize your quality of life and performance levels – and decrease your Biological Age.

Assessment Tools

We use a variety of intake forms and assessment tools to help to identify your key health issues.

Here are a couple of examples:

iHeart Internal Age

We use a technology which allows us to assess your Biological Age vs. Chronological Age so that we can track your progress.


Nutri-Q is the Nutritional Therapy Association’s Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire: it is an online cloud based online questionnaire which produces the most comprehensive nutritional analysis application available

It produces a visual report identifying key health priorities which need to be targeted

Here is a link to two sample Nutri-Q reports: before and after results with a patient:

Nutri-Q Report: Before Consultation

Nutri-Q Report: One Month into Program


We can work with you in person here in Vancouver, BC or remotely via Skype and other online technologies.


“Rob Lamberton is truly a gift to those of us on a journey from surviving to thriving
Through his Optimum Wellness Consulting programs, Rob is helping us navigate the baffling world of diet, supplements and lifestyle, offering us his expertise with great kindness and empathy

As close to one-stop-shopping as it gets, Optimum Wellness Consulting makes it easy to make the right choices for our entire family to optimize our quality of life”

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