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I was delighted  to see an article published on the Natural News website detailing a study which led research scientists to issue warnings concerning the negative health effects related to the consumption of canola oil.

Many health care practitioners are aware of this, and the fact that canola oil should be considered as one of the commonly available oils which include other oils such as corn, cotton etc. which can cause negative health consequences.

I sometimes look when I am shopping at our local Whole Foods or Choices markets (a similar B.C. based company) for salad dressings which might be made with healthy ingredients, but alas they typically feature which is the top ingredient canola oil.

And the labeling can be deceptive to the average consumer with proud announcements of the product’s organic ingredients – plus the fact that the oil is not cold pressed which means it is produced under conditions of high heat and pressure which makes it unhealthy.

This deceptive advertising reminds me of other deceptive product descriptions such as can be seen in the paleo/keto products available on the market.

This is an issue we need to educate our patients about – and the general public about!  Please feel free to pass this article along, or use it in your discussions/presentations to patients/the general public.

Following is the article from Natural News.


Robert (Rob) Lamberton

Scientists finally issue warning against canola oil: Study reveals it is detrimental to brain health, contributes to dementia, causes weight gain

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In this edition of my newsletter, we highlight an article from Ben Greenfield’s website: Ben Greenfield Fitness.

If you are not familiar with Ben’s website, it is definitely worth checking out: it is one of our favourite podcast sources.

This article highlights even more dramatic evidence regarding the profound health benefits of ketones, the ketogenic state and the Ketogenic diet.

Included is reference to recent published research from Reggie Veech, PhD who is one of the top ketosis researchers which suggests that being in a ketogenic state may influence longevity (in addition to quality of life).

In my opinion and based upon my clinical experience nothing works better to bring a patient’s metabolism back into balance from what I would refer to as “Diabesity Spectrum Metabolic Dysregulation”.

Following is Ben’s article.

From the article:

But I recently learned something about ketones that I never before fully realized, something that inspired me to begin knocking back a daily dose of beta-hydroxy-butyrate (BHB) ketone salts prior to my afternoon/early evening workouts -workouts that I’d normally, up until the recent past, enter into in a completely fasted state having not eaten lunch for the previous 4-6 hours.

The reason is because ketone bodies have now been proven to have some pretty potent anti-aging, longevity enhancing properties.

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Health Benefits of Time Restricted Feeding

It is interesting to reflect on some of the significant dietary trends which have gained some traction in the general population during the past several years: I would suggest that the key movements have included the Paleo movement which has to an extent transitioned now into the LCHF (Low Carb / High Fat) / Keto movement, vegetarian and vegan, fasting and intermittent fasting – and most recently Time Restricted Feeding (TRF).

Although there is to date not a lot of published research on the topic of TRF, it is becoming a topic of significant discussion amongst the LCHF / Keto practitioner community.

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