Robert Lamberton is a highly sought after research oriented Product Formulator of professional grade nutritional supplements which Health Care Practitioners prescribe for their patients – as well as consuming them personally.

He has a unique ability to develop cutting edge formulations which include not only the latest patented nutraceutical ingredients but also medicinal herbs from many different medical traditions such as the Rain Forest, Ayurvedic and Chinese medical traditions as well as African and S.E. Asian traditional medicine.

He is also a highly sought after consultant who works with a selective group of companies who want to develop cutting edge nutritional supplement formulations to take to market.

He is certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and sees patients on a part time basis to help them to resolve their complex health issues, optimize their quality of life – and reverse their biological age.

He also researches and writes a very popular paid weekly educational newsletter in which he shares the latest published research from the medical literature which gets sent out to over 3,000 Health Care Practitioners: this publication details the latest research which has not yet made the transition from the research community to the clinical community.

Accomplishments include:

– launching the first Leptin Resistance nutritional supplement formulation on the market

– launching the first formulation to specifically target visceral fat on the market

– launching one of the first nutritional supplement formulations to transition a person’s metabolism
immediately into a ketogenic state

Contributing author & Advisory Board Member to the online publication:

Nutricula “The Science of Longevity Journal” www.nutriculamagazine.com


To educate & enhance the health & quality of life of millions of people around the world to empower individuals so they can take more control of their quality of life.

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