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I listened to a very fascinating podcast this week hosted by Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC.

Michael is very much into the Functional Medicine paradigm and hosts some great podcasts.

In this particular podcast he interviews Dr. William Seeds, MD.

The information Dr. Seeds shared with respect to the potential benefits of peptide therapy for health optimization as well as targeting health issues is very impressive.

The key application that resonated for me were the ability to restore optimal growth hormone release by the pituitary gland by utilizing GHRP’s – growth hormone releasing peptides combined with GHRH’s – growth hormone releasing hormones.

Additionally some of the peptides discussed included ones which can have a dramatic impact on gut issues, inflammation, autoimmune conditions, tissue healing (especially connective tissue), cellular signaling as well as other applications.

These peptides are available: if you do an online search, you will come up with many suppliers, but just like online pharmacies one must do their due diligence with respect to the quality of the supplier as well as the products.

Peptide therapy represents a major focus of current research for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Rob Lamberton

Image from Dr. Axe website

I was delighted  to see an article published on the Natural News website detailing a study which led research scientists to issue warnings concerning the negative health effects related to the consumption of canola oil.

Many health care practitioners are aware of this, and the fact that canola oil should be considered as one of the commonly available oils which include other oils such as corn, cotton etc. which can cause negative health consequences.

I sometimes look when I am shopping at our local Whole Foods or Choices markets (a similar B.C. based company) for salad dressings which might be made with healthy ingredients, but alas they typically feature which is the top ingredient canola oil.

And the labeling can be deceptive to the average consumer with proud announcements of the product’s organic ingredients – plus the fact that the oil is not cold pressed which means it is produced under conditions of high heat and pressure which makes it unhealthy.

This deceptive advertising reminds me of other deceptive product descriptions such as can be seen in the paleo/keto products available on the market.

This is an issue we need to educate our patients about – and the general public about!  Please feel free to pass this article along, or use it in your discussions/presentations to patients/the general public.

Following is the article from Natural News.


Robert (Rob) Lamberton

Scientists finally issue warning against canola oil: Study reveals it is detrimental to brain health, contributes to dementia, causes weight gain

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Image from Life Extension Foundation

There has been an explosion of published research in the medical literature the last several years (over 8,000 citations in PubMed just on the search term AMPK) documenting the wide ranging significance of this endogenously produced enzyme on our health.

The Dangers of Reduced AMPK

With reduced AMPK signaling, a range of damaging conditions begins to take over a previously healthy body, often leading to an early death.

These damaging conditions include:

  • Increased belly fat,47,48
  • Chronic inflammation,7,47,48
  • Elevated blood sugar,47-50
  • Insulin resistance,7,47-50
  • High cholesterol and triglycerides,47,48
  • Decreased numbers and function of mitochondria,7,47,48
  • Increased accumulations of abnormal or damaged proteins in our cells that lead to neurodegeneration.7,51

To date, experiments have shown that increased AMPK activation is associated with:

Extended life span by as much as 2030% in animals,7,22,106

Improved glucose uptake in cells, lowering blood sugar,58,69,70

Inhibiting excess fat synthesis and increased burning of stored fat,17,71

Reduction of blood triglycerides,72

Decreased liver fat accumulation and fat-related chronic inflammation,63

Increased numbers of new, healthy mitochondria.62-64,69

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Robert (Rob) Lamberton


Image from the HeartMath Institute Website

In this posting, we discuss Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and its potential profound effects on general health – and specific health issues.


Here is an overview of the concept of HRV from the Tropos Therapeutic Center in Wichita, Kansas:

What is Heart Rate Variability and Why is it important?

Prior to the early 70’s, researchers believed that the brain was the control center for all organs in the body. Then some new research began to show that the heart has its own nervous system, its own intelligence, and that the brain and heart are in a two way communication link, influencing each other in a synchronized dance.

Heart rate variability (HRV) refers to the beat-to-beat alterations in heart rate or pulse. HRV is now understood to be reflective of inner emotional states and level of stress.

Research on HRV has shown that disturbed emotional states lead to increased disorder in the heart’s rhythms and in the autonomic nervous system, thereby adversely affecting the rest of the body. Alternately, positive emotions create increased harmony and coherence in heart rhythms. Increased coherence improves balance in the nervous system and the whole body’s functioning.

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